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Worried About Digital Darwinism? Together, Grass Valley and Cisco Deliver Digital Transformation

As the industry advances at a rapid pace toward IP solutions, choosing a path that might lead to obsolescence is a real risk. So is waiting to see if the path is safe only to discover you have been left in the dust. This is digital Darwinism. It occurs when the technology is advancing and evolving more quickly than facilities and organizations can adapt. The reflex is to invest in technology and build on the current known foundation. That’s our comfort zone. However, the way to avoid being a casualty of digital Darwinism is to embrace digital transformation: the transformation and overhaul of current processes to remain relevant in this IP evolution. Working together, Grass Valley and Cisco bring the tools and the knowledge to enable transformation and guide the industry along the path to newfound relevance and success. The two companies empower our customers to adapt and thrive in a time of disruption.